AccessONE Communications, LLC

Telematics for Today's World

About AccessONE Communications, LLC
AccessONE brings experience and resources to the critical tasks associated with response to telematics calls for assistance and information. Our staff is composed of pioneers in the telematics industry with active involvement extending back to programs developed in the early 1990s.

AccessONE can provide consulting services for clients developing and improving their telematics capability or complete implementation of IT systems and ultra-reliable call center operations. AccessONE has experience with establishing and operating emergency response call centers of 200 to 500 seats designed to respond to imbeded or portable telematics devices.

AccessONE maintains an active association with several call center partners that can provide rapid deployment of new operations and provide back-up services when needed.

AccessONE Communications, LLC
225 Rock Ridge Road
Millersville, MD   21108
Ph: 410 336 7676
Fax: 410 431 5123

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